Mooney Goes Wild for Glória!

Derek Mooney

Katriona McFadden from The Mooney Show on RTE Radio One popped along to our Christmas concert dress rehearsal on Tuesday 11th December .She interviewed a few members of the choir and listened in on our rehearsal. She was very interested in talking to some of our members on why they joined the choir, what impact it has made on their lives and what makes Glória the brilliant community choir that it is today.  You can hear our particular segment on the show by using this link and skipping along to 26 mins. Even we learned something new about one another after listening in on this!  Featured in the interview are our chairperson Barry, our musical director Ian, happy couple Niamh and Jess and Gloria newbie Niamh. You can find out more about the programme by clicking here or by listening to the podcast of our segment only at this link.